For Businesses

Few business owners realise the importance of planning and our specialised Business Planning department is able to prepare and help implement effective Business Plans. Business planning is not simply a way of raising funds to assist in running costs – it is a blueprint by which the business is operated from inception to the achievement of original goals. For minimal investment you can get a SWOT analysis of the current situation of your business or a more detailed report.

We deal with businesses of all sizes and because of our many years of practical experience we have seen most of the problems faced by business owners. We can help you identify problem areas and take steps to avoid adverse consequences at an early stage. We deal with forensic accountants and are able to refer you to the right people at the right time for the right result if forensic investigation is needed.

We are able to advise on re-structuring of businesses including buyouts, acquisitions, listings and joint venturing with other businesses creating diverse synergies.

Because of our extensive experience in Bankruptcy and Insolvency we can recommend “horses for courses” when assistance in managing debt is required.

Unfortunately many business owners get into business because they are good at what they do. That does not necessarily mean they will be good at administering and managing a business and that is when failure sets in. Instead of sticking to what they do best, these business owners undertake tasks they are ill equipped for …. and that’s when the problems start!

TALK TO US FIRST ABOUT ANYTHING CAUSING YOU CONCERN. The investment will be well worth it.