Dispute Resolution

Are you involved in a dispute?

A dispute can begin as a minor thing but it can develop into something very serious if it not dealt with appropriately in the first instance. It can begin with a nasty email, phone call or in person to person conversation. Even a simple miscommunication and a dispute can begin to snowball. Some of the tribunals which deal with minor disputes in New South Wales are the small claims tribunal, for small debt recovery disputes, the administrative decisions tribunal which deals with minor disputes with government departments in the New South Wales government, the consumer tenancy tribunal which deals with disputes between landlords and tenants and the local courts which tend to hear minor criminal matters and matters involving liquidated damages under $10,000.00. We may be able to assist you with all of these types of minor disputes. CONTACT US EARLY TO AVOID THE DISPUTE OR CONTROL ITS ESCALATING.

If a dispute flairs up into something larger like a full blown piece of litigation, this is where Ziman and Ziman has enormous experience in dealing with major commercial matters of all types. If you are litigating a matter in the District Court of New South Wales, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, The family Court of Australia, The Land and Environment Court, the Federal Magistrates Court or the Federal Court of Australia, we can assist you with all of these types of matters. A dispute of this scale can have an enormous impact on your livelihood and it is very important that you get the right advice about a matter like this. The legal fees for a dispute on either side in a matter like this can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars if they are not controlled appropriately. Then there may be the actual judgment if you lose the case on top of that. If you are in any way involved in litigation like this you should seek the advice of a lawyer at Ziman and Ziman Solciitors immediately.

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