Building & Construction Law

Disputes in the building and construction industry are very common. There is a large and well developed area of law which deals with building and construction. In New South Wales, one of the Statutes dealing with the payment of builders and subcontractors is the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (NSW) 1999. When a dispute arises, usually involving payment, an application can be made for adjudication which results in a shorter method of reaching a result than going to Court. The provisions of the Contractors Debts Act is another method whereby relief may be obtained for payment in the short terms. These New South Wales Acts are highly specialised and many builders and sub-contractors are unaware that by following some simple procedures their quest for payment can be made so much easier.

Many Construction contracts have clauses relating to Mediation, Arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods. WE ARE WELL VERSED IN THESE METHODS AND CAN ADVISE YOU ON THE MOST EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR PARTICULAR CIRCUMSTANCES.

If you are a builder and you have become involved in a dispute with one of your suppliers, subcontractors or customers, this could result in a serious loss of income or a substantially increased job on a project which your organisation may not be able to afford. If you can get the right advice early you can often save yourself an enormous amount of time, complication and expense with becoming involved in a costly and protracted dispute with one of these other parties to the building and construction process.

If you have contracted a builder to build a building and you are unhappy with the work or you feel that the work has been performed poorly then you may be entitled to relief through the legal system. There are many unscrupulous providers in the building industry who will the exploit their customers, charge high prices and provide shoddy work. These types of builders can attract claims from their customers and we have successfully litigated claims like this on a number of occasions.

Our depth of experience in the construction industry and in the litigation arising from construction contracts is your best assurance of a good result when involved in a building and construction industry dispute.

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