Debt Collection

Why you would need a debt collection service?

Consumers and commercial businesses find it difficult to recover outstanding accounts which disrupts cash flow, causes stress and drains time.  Legal debt recovery action may be appropriate if you have a single debt action or a regular debt collection requirement.  A good debt collection service can assist to prevent debts from arising by reviewing and strengthening your credit agreements, terms of trade and processes, without affecting customer relationships.  A debt collection service can also assist you with the pre-legal stage of debt collection which may involve issuing letters of demand, making phone calls to debtors on your behalf or sending payment reminder notices.  These pre-legal action steps can quickly and cheaply recover a debt which is simply the result of a forgetful or badly organised debtor.

If your debt is larger and the behaviour of the debtor is more recalcitrant then the initial legal steps in a debt recovery process can be employed.  This includes issuing a statement of claim in a court (the choice of court is dependent on the amount of money involved).  Then further proceedings may follow such as repossession, garnishee orders, bankruptcy or winding up in the case of company.  A good debt collection lawyer can assist you with all of these services.

Why Us?

We are experienced litigation lawyers with affordable services and specialise in successful legal recoveries for commercial and consumer debts. We provide:

1.  Cheap, quick and just debt recovery.

2.  We assist you to maintain business relationships, create cash flow and save time.

What do we provide?

From simple debt recovery to complex claims arising from building disputes, tax liability, insurance liability and the like, we provide the following services:

– Letters of demand

– Negotiations

– Searches and investigations (addresses, real and personal property, company searches, bankruptcy investigations)

– Court Proceedings:

– Statement of claim

– Appearance in Court

– Default  judgment

– Garnishing wages

– Seizing property and assets

– Examination and instalment orders

  • Bankruptcy applications
  • Insolvency and winding up

We provide debt collection, bankruptcy and insolvency services to corporations, insurers, government departments, company liquidations, and private individuals.

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