Wills & Estates

What is a will?

A Will is a document that states what its maker desires for their assets after they have died.  It determines who will step into your shoes to deal with all your assets and liabilities and can state how you would like your goods and assets to be distributed or dealt with.  There are certain legal requirements for the signing of a valid will, you certainly need legal advice in order to sign a valid will – an invalid will creates more problems that no will at all.


What is an estate?

Estate is a term which is used by lawyers to describe the property which was owned by someone at the time of their death and which is now intended for distribution to the beneficiaries of the estate.  The administration of an estate, and estate planning require utmost precision to ensure that the legal effect aligns with your intentions. Generally, everyone should have a will if they are over 18.   You need legal advice on the preparation and signing of a will to ensure that you have a comprehensive and effective will which does not lead to disputes about your estate and the failure of your estate to be administered in the way that you intend.  You should contact us if you need an estate administered or wish to consult on estate planning because of our experience in this field.

What are some of the Issues that can come up in Estate planning?

Very few people are aware of, for a start, the impact of the Family Provision Legislation in NSW which makes a will ineffective if you do not adequately provide for your family in your will to ensure that your children and spouse are provided for.  Also, the formal requirements of signing are something that is sometimes missed that can make a will ineffective.

Why Us?

We are experienced probate and estate lawyers with affordable services and specialise in the precise and complete articulation of your intentions into legal documents.   We provide:

1.  Precise and complete wills, estate administration and estate planning.

2.  Preparation of simple and complex wills

3.  Advice on wills

4.  Probate and estate administration

5.  Estate planning

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