Business Law

Business law is an incredibly broad field and can encompass an entire range of issues. It is almost certain though that if you are in business for any length of time you will encounter serious business law issues and will be able to benefit from effective legal advice. Ziman and Ziman Solicitors’ bread and butter activity is to assist business owners and their associates with every type of business issue from the business structure which you use when you are setting up your business to the basic contracts which regulate your rights and entitlements in relation to the operation of your business to your relationships with staff and employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the regulators of your industry.

What are some of the key things that Ziman and Ziman can assist me with?

We find that most people going into business register a company as the vehicle for the conduct of the business but are unaware of the serious obligations which exist in relation to director’s duties as a company director. Many believe that becoming a company director and setting up your own company is the path to a nirvana of private jets and international holidays living in Monte Carlo and dining with royalty. Although we truly desire that you will one day achieve this lifestyle, we can give you some practical help along the way to understand what your obligations are when you become a company director to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders and to avoid investigation and even prosecution by ASIC and other authorities which can result if you neglect these duties.

We can also advise you and your colleagues on the drafting and formation of the basic contractual documents which constitute your business such as shareholders agreements, terms of business, franchise agreements, contracts to employ staff, contracts with suppliers, leases and Hire Purchase agreements or trade contracts. These essential business relationships need the utmost care and attention when being drafted so that a sound, effective and long term relationship is created. This can only be achieved with quality legal advice.

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