Some time ago we wrote about people taking advantage of the AVO system. Well someone was listening because there are now new laws in place to punish those who bring AVO proceedings without cause

Strata Management

Scott Dobbs handled a matter in the Local Court which involved a Strata Manager allegedly giving notice of levies in respect of a new addition to the strata plan. Unfortunately the managers sought to suggest that they had complied with the provisions of the Act by...

Duplicate Bankruptcy proceedings

Another one of our cases has been reported in the Law Reports. It relates to Bankruptcy proceedings that were initiated in Melbourne after the same creditor had brought the same proceeding against the same debtor in Sydney. Procedurally this was irregular and Federal...

AVO Statistics

AVO. Statistics show that many AVO’s have no foundation and are brought out of motives other than fear for safety. However the implications of an Apprehended Violence Order should not be underestimated.

What is the difference between discipline and assault?

Our client was charged with assaulting his young son. He was reported to the police by a third party who was alarmed at him shouting and chasing his son who was running away after being quite naughty. The police viewed at as an assault and charged him. He was...