How can  a conveyancing lawyer help me?

A conveyancing lawyer can assist you to understand your legal rights and responsibilities in relation to a transaction of a large amount of property.  They can advise you on the transactions and what you need to do completely and effectively finalize the sale or the purchase of a property.  In particular,they can help you avoid some of the common mistakes in conveyancing such as reniging on a contract when you are buying a property that you discover is different from what you thought you were purchasing and then loosing your deposit as a result.

Also, a conveyancing lawyer can assist you to verify the correct title to the property.  Sometimes when you are buying a property, there will be deceptive aspects of a contract which will not be apparent to an untrained eye.  You need a professional to look over contracts for the sale of property to ensure that you are not being dudded in a contract.  Some examples of contracts which have defrauded buyers include an example of someone buying  house and then discovering that they had only bought the swimming pool because of a complex aspect of the title which was not immediately apparent on the face of the contract.

Other mistakes in buying a property can include where the seller has written very favourable special conditions into the contract which you then discover you do not want to or can not comply with and as a result, the seller obtains the upper hand in negotiations by being able to point ot breach of contract which they can hold over you as a basis for terminating the contract.  A conveyancing lawyer can assist you with ensuring that this does not happen.

Some mistakes which can occur when selling a property are that you fail to adequately disclose all of the aspects of the property before you enter into the contract which gives the buyer a right of rescission under the contract.  This could result in all of you time spent marketing the property and all of your advertising costs being wasted by the need to redo all of this after the buyer has exercised their right to rescind the contract.

Where do I find a conveyancing lawyer?

Normally most general service law firms have a conveyancing practice because it is a centrally important part of legal practice in almost every jurisdiction.  You should be able to easily find a local lawyer who provides these types of services in your area.  Ziman and Ziman Solicitors is located in North Sydney, although we can assist with transactions when we are not immediately located there.